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Yes yes, I know you are all impatient to discover what I've been doing for one year, and the good news is that now it is the time! For the one who couldn't make it for the show,  Azure Magazine interviewed me. Here is an extract :

"Aurélie Mossé i
s redefining the relationship we have to the home. The recent MA Design for Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins grad aims to develop deeper relationships between textiles and their owners with her interactive and sustainable designs. Azure's Paige Magarrey caught up with Mossé as she finished exhibiting at the Textile Futures Degree Show to talk about her ideas, the design industry and what the future has in store. [...]

Tell me about your latest project, [Extra]ordinary Furniture.
[Extra]ordinary furniture is a project all about imagining the future of the home and how to make it more poetic, emotionally and ecologically durable; how to reintroduce emotion and meaning into the ordinary in order to go beyond the worldwide standardization of objects. I have always been interested in the stereotyping and loss of diversity of our environments, the heritage of mass-production and the desire for democratization.

But maybe even more important, objects’ loss of meaning is also at the origin of the current ecological crisis, as Jonathan Chapman demonstrated in his book, “Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences and Empathy Objects” fail to install a long-term relationship with the user by lack of meaning. Because they can’t sustain empathy with us, we quickly replace them for another, which nurtures the loop of consumption and waste production. This makes explicit why this project is about to materialize new types of objects, capable of supporting deeper, more meaningful relationship with their user. This reflection has lead the development of evolving furniture for domestic experience, including [Extra]ordinary Wallpapers, a collection of wallpapers to sculpt and Mille-Feuille table, a table to be peeled away, layer after layer."

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Many thanks Paige !

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